Monday, February 14, 2011


"What another stressful day at work!" Mrs. Henderson cried out as she made her way into her office, "And now I have even more work to do. Well, this day keeps getting better and better!" Around town Mrs. Henderson had the reputation as that crazy lady who owned the local orphanage, and she wanted nothing more in the world then to change that, "Gosh, I hate this job,"

"I suppose I'd better cool down with a good book. Yes, that's exactly what I need," She said to herself, taking out a copy of an old history book, "Crazy-peh-lease- I am everything but that!"
Mrs. Mary Henderson had a bad habit of talking to herself more then necessary. Often times the children here at the orphanage would make fun of it, much to the distaste of Mary.

"The history of Twinbrook, no no, I don't care about that," She sighed, flipping over pages and pages until she  found the certain one that she had been searching for. Just by looking at Mary you wouldn't think that she was the kind of girl with interest in the supernatural, but she certainly was. Ghosts and spirits had always intrigued her as a child, and that never changed as she grew.

Just as she was about to settle down and read about the grave-yard, Mary heard a knock on the old grey door, "It's 11:00! Who in their right minds would be at the door at this time in the night?!"

"Well, whoever is there must want to anger a very old women," She sighed, strolling over to the door.

As Mary opened the old, miserable door, she saw a young girl, only around 17, carrying a baby. It wasn't an odd thing to find women dropping off her unwanted babies here, but what really struck odd to Mary was the fact that she had no shoes on at all.

"Please, Miss," The young girl said as she lied the baby down onto the ground, "You're my last hope,"

"Yes, we get that a lot," Mrs. Henderson said with a snarl on her face. She hated anyone who dropped off a baby here, thinking it was her responsibility to care for them. It was all just more work for her.

"Keep her safe," the young lady said, as the rain started to pour down, making old Mary in a worser mood then she already was.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm sure the kid will be fine here. Maybe not loved, but alive," Mrs. Henderson replied as the lady nodded.

"You must not give her away to anyone," the 17 year old girl pressed.

"Well you see the whole point of the orphanage is to find her a good home," Mrs. Henderson brushed off some dirt on her skirt.

"She will not leave this place," The blonde replied, and Mary realized that she spoke with a French accent, "There are bad people looking for her,"

"Bad people? What do you mean by that?" Mary asked curiously, but the girl only responded by whispering into her ear.

"Name her Audrey. Audrey Depri,"

As the young 17 year old run down the quiet street, Mary looked down at the baby that was by her feet.

"Sucks not having a loving family, eh?" She spoke, and frowned as she said it. Not having a loving family...Yes, Mary knew how that felt.

"Oh, yeah," Mary said speaking to the baby as she lifted her into the crib, "Welcome to hell,"

And that was the beginning of Audrey Depri's life.

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